Azswart Technologies LTD is able to manufacture products to meet your specification/application requirements and the installed environment. All goods are manufactured to the highest level of quality and are ISO 9001 quality certified.Azswart Technologies Products

Products include:

  1. Programmable security lighting system unit
  2. Automatic load transfer (ALT)
  3. Automatic mains failure (AMF)
  4. Sub-distribution panel
  5. Digital bus-bar chamber
  6. All kinds of control panels
  7. DC Central Emergency Light
  8. Customized Change-Over’s 2, 3 and 4 pole units

Of course cost is a large factor in choosing a suitable company to undertake your electrical projects and safety tests we have proved to be extremely competitive in our industry with contracts being won and serviced on time efficiently up and down the country.Azswart Technologies Products

Accurate craftsmanship is crucial to operational reliability. We deliver complete system solutions for the market. We handle design and production of customer adapted system solutions. Skilled personnel with eye for details are critical to product performance and durability.